Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flight of the Frigatebird...

Another tantalizing tidbit from the Galapagos...

These birds were like our seagulls...
They followed the ship and flew above us for hours at a time.  
Male Frigatebirds are all black except that they have a beautiful red gular sac
that expands when they're trying to attract a female...

These birds are made for flying...they don't land in the water as they 
don't have the oils that waterproof their feathers...
and they can fly for a week without stopping on land...

Pretty awesome don't you think?


  1. What a wonderful silhouette! They are incredible birds.

  2. Wonderful silhouette! Great capture!

  3. I think you werr in "my" town while I was in "yours" and now that I've come to visit I see you've been out of town. How fun!

  4. Very nice silhouette, great shot..;D

  5. Thank you Birgitta!!!

    Well darn!!! Sorry I missed you up here PA!!!

    Thank you Regen and LadyFi!!!