Friday, January 6, 2012

A Big Oooops???

Or abstract art???

I was just about to delete this oops when I decided to play with it a bit!!!

I think this one started out to be Kelly...

then I thought I'd go bold...

and funky...

I never delete photos from my camera...
you never know how they 
might turn out on the big screen!!!


  1. the nice thing with digital is, you don't have to pay for processing and all you need is a bigger hard drive to save 'em all!

    Cool effects K!

  2. Good advice about not deleting pics from the camera. I need to remember that.

  3. I'm too quick to delete stuff. I read about an old film photographer that said that would be the downfall of the digital age.....the delete button.

  4. And with computer can play and make some interesting things!!! Thanks Trish!!!

    Jeannelle...I've found that there have been times when a photo I might have deleted turned out better than another...usually, I do admit, I would have deleted the photos that turned out to be the top it was fun seeing what I could make out of them!!!

    Linda...I agree with the old film photographer!!! It's also what the instructors said at the adult ed program where I took photography classes. I just never got in the habit because I'd be afraid that I'd delete a good one!!!

  5. I have been known to zip thru shots I've taken, then file them away and at some point, come back and say "gee, that's interesting, I didn't notice THAT about that shot!". My policy is, unless it is just impossible to discern anything in the shot, I'll keep it.

  6. And sometimes Trish, even when you think they're absolutely get to play and come up with something funky!!!