Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Move over Kenny Wayne Shepherd...

....Quinn Sullivan is here!!!

You might remember our yearly event...

A fabulous blues and brews festival that Mammoth Brewing Company 
hosts on the first weekend of August.

Now, TheChief had to work the festival on Saturday, and while I probably would have
enjoyed the day, I opted to stay home...I'm not much for brew tasting...
(wine tasting is a totally different matter entirely...)

But we did get tickets for the best day of the festival...Hangover Sunday!
The biggest name of the festival is usually the last to perform on the Sunday of the event...
this year it was Buddy Guy...


Now you might think that a gentleman of 78 is not going to be on top of his game for a concert...
Well let me tell you...he had us movin' and groovin' throughout his entire set...
he was funny...he was hip...(he was profanely funny ;) )  
He was AWE-SOME!!!

Now...back to my opening...
When Quinn Sullivan was about 7 years old, he met Buddy Guy and told him he played the guitar...
Buddy Guy humored him and encouraged him, but wasn't expecting to be bowled over...
Well...Quinn started playing for him and Buddy was hooked!!!

Apparently Buddy Guy has a history of mentoring young blues musician aspirants...
Well...let me tell you...
Quinn Sullivan has taken his mentoring to heart!!!

Check out his playing ability at 8, click here!
(It's a long clip, but if you like great Blues's well worth it!!!)

So...on Sunday, he was Buddy Guy's opening act...played for about an hour...
and absolutely wowed the crowd!!!
Standing ovations for this kid!!!

Oh...and did I mention he's only 15???

A more recent clip here...
Again...if you love blues guitar....amazing!!!!

At the end of Buddy's set, he brought out Quinn and Ana Popovic (another of his proteges)
and they all played Jimi Hendrix...

Yeah, baby!!!

The place was rockin'!!!

Ana Popovic has already made a name for herself...
But...I'm telling you now...Quinn Sullivan is a Blues Great in the making!!!

And now for an update on the lives of TheChief and Chieftess..

Our house week to the day after we listed it, we were signing escrow papers!!!
I'm in the process of refinishing floors, painting, etc down in the southland...
and TheChief has set up house in Crowley Lake, just south of Mammoth until 
he retires at the end of the year...

Lot's of back and forth for the next six months...
Kelly is a bit confused but adjusting...
the kitties love being able to go outside again...
Life is good, albeit a bit hectic these days!!!

(Sorry for the poor quality pics...I didn't take my camera this year...
and I borrowed TheChief's iPhone which apparently
doesn't take the best pics!!!)

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  1. I'm listening to the 8-yr-old play as I write. Wow! Great post! Good luck with the back and forth arrangement until things get settled. A quick sale has to be a good thing :)

  2. Welcome back!

    I love listening to the blues, so this festival would be right up my alley. :) Good luck with all your big changes.

  3. A lot of adjustments for you!

    Buddy Guy's a great musician!

  4. Buddy Guy was amazing!!! He looked 20 years younger than his age and certainly performed the same way!!! And Quinn is amazing! He is an up and comer!!!

  5. I've seen Buddy a couple of time (once at the Philly Folk Festival with a few hundred other people) and have many of his albums. He's a regular at Clapton's Crossroad guitar festival which shows regularly the Palladia cable channel. Quinn is pretty special, thanks for the tip, I'm going to look for his music. Glad to hear things are going well.

    1. Why am I not surprised that you're a bluesman Woody??? I have a feeling I'd like the Clapton Crossroad guitar festival!!! In one of the tapes I viewed of Buddy Guy and Quinn...Buddy extolled the virtues of Quinn's album "Cyclone"...

  6. Chieftess, I just read the comments you made on my blog that is a tribute to slain officer Patrick. The man who killed him was just plain evil. Had a rap sheet 22 pages long that began in a wild childhood but he did very little time behind bars. Violated his most recent parole and was on the loose when he committed murder. Not alleged, . . .plain and simple murder!!

    1. I agree with you Kate! And our system is what let that guy out time after's not surprising that it led up to this tragedy...

    2. It is my fervent hope that your Chief and his men stay safe from harm!

    3. Thank you Kate...fortunately, Mammoth Lakes is a relatively low crime area...TheChief usually deals with bears and bars. We have had a couple of big cases...but not or the kind of violent nature of the murder of your Officer. However, all members of law enforcement know the risk that they face every day...of meeting up with that one crazy who can turn the world upside down.

  7. There you are! I wondered where to find you in the virtual reality. I'd hurry up with the floors because I think Mammoth is the place to be come late August and most of September.

    1. Haha!!! I'm hiding out for awhile Hiker! I'll poke my head in now and then while I'm figuring out my next incarnation!!!

  8. So I wondered who were you talking about, not sure I had heard of Buddy Guy least of all Quinn Sullivan but wow Awesome, wonder what he would be like with old Slow Hand

    1. I don't know old Slow Hand Bill!!! I'll have to check him out!!!

  9. Good luck on your move. I agree about beer yes, beer no, though I do indulge in a glass now and then.

    1. Me too Bibi! Sometimes a cold beer is just right...but not often!!!

  10. må jeg google, har jeg aldri hørt om :-)

    1. Buddy Guy er en amerikansk bluesgitaristen og sangeren. Quinn Sullivan er en 15 år gammel protesjé... de er bare flott gitarister/musikere!

  11. good luck with your move, love these pictures. In answer to your question on my blog, the children live in England (well they are 23 and 21 so not children!) and we live in sydney but I just had two weeks in england with them, it's tough being apart but they are very happy living their lives in london and one day we will all be together!