Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Forecast is Snow...

Vista of Crowley Lake from the lake's dam

"The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it
and wrong too often for us to rely on it.:
Patrick Young

The forecast for Tuesday here in Mammoth is snow...
Any bets???

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  1. Betcha get some. We do, why not you? ;>)

    Beautiful shot here.

  2. Oh yeah! Gotta snow. It's February! Gorgeous view.

  3. Wouldn't be surprised if you got snow was suddenly super warm here today. But back to cold weather again tomorrow ;D

  4. I would go with "snow"! How could you turn it down when it is this beautiful seen through your eyes!


  5. How beautiful it is!! And such a terrific capture! I surely do agree with Patrick Young's quote!! I'd bet on snow in Mammoth, but who knows about the weather these days???


  6. I'd bet you'll have precip, considering what has hit us since about 9pm last night. Dunno what your temps are like...wait, taking a look over at the weather app on the side of your blog...ah, 22F, yup, I'll bet on snow too!

    Enjoy, we need it!

  7. Yeah, bring it on! To Mammoth Lakes.

    Back in December I was keen for a whopping great snowfall. Now that we've had several days of sun and blossoms are starting to peak out I do not want to see any snow. I can wait until next winter.

    A lovely, placid scene Kathy.

  8. Beautiful shot. Perhaps you'd like some snow??!!

  9. It's blustery down here in South Pasadena... maybe you are getting snow now : )

  10. IT'S SNOWING!!! WooHoo!!!
    It's been snowing all day...but a bit warm so it's not sticking real well...I'm sure if it continues through the night we'll have a few inches tomorrow!!!

    I agree's been completely different!!!

    I think yours is colder though Bibi!!!

    I agree Rambling Round...if it's February, it should be snowing!!! Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!

    But you've got those beautiful yellow flowers Kaori!!!

    Thanks LadyFi!!!

    It is beautiful Genie!!! Cold...but beautiful!!!

    Thanks Sylvia!!! We've got if it would just stick!!!

    WooHoo Hiker!!!

    Thanks Snap!!! Yep...we need our snow up here!!!

    Hey Kristin!!! Sounds like a fire in the fireplace time down in SoPas!!!

    Thanks for you good wishes for snow everyone!! It's been snowing steadily all day...not sticking in town, but I'm sure it is on the mountain...where we especially need it!!!

  11. I'll put money on snow up your way but down here, we're shedding our coats. Go figure.
    PS Gorgeous shot K.

  12. We had a soft coating of light snow Virginia...maybe more tonight, but I'm not holding my breath!!!

  13. Thanks Emille!!! It was a beautiful day!!!