Sunday, February 5, 2012

In a Week's Time...

Sooo....remember last week's mirror reflections??? 
Same week later...
Completely iced over!!!

It's been cold...but still no snow!

We had our Rotary fundraiser dinner tonight...
and our SoPas Rotary friend's helped the Mammoth Rotary Economy significantly!!!

Thanks for joining us Tom, Tim, Kristen, and Sylvia!!!


  1. Beautiful...I could send you some snow...see my photo tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 6th.

  2. You are definitely having some really cold weather. In this area we are gong in the opposite manner....the ice is all thaws and the lakes are back to normal. Beautiful capture and contribution this week. genie

  3. Thanks Tamera!!! We are fortunate to live in such gorgeous country!!!

    Thanks Bibi!!! We could use some of your snow!!!

    Thanks Genie!!! Oure winter has been unseasonably warm this year...very little snow...for 7-8000 ft altitude!!!

  4. Breathtaking! But where are all the ice skaters? Is the ice too thin? Or are you and The Chief the only humans around?

  5. Definitely too thin Susan!!! It's only just started completely ice over!!! It could melt again if it warms up again...hopefully we're getting ready for another snow storm!!! We skipped rocks on the ice instead...made a cool sound!!!

  6. We could use some of your cold!

  7. I could use some of your warmth Margaret!!! (Love the snow...but it's colllddd up here!!!)

  8. You keep the cold, Chieftess, unless Margaret can harness it in South Pas. It's beautiful but I'd rather see it at a distance!

  9. That's beautiful! Sure looks nicer than the 76F we had today and there's no snow on the mountains around here.

  10. It may look cold Petrea...but it was sweatshirt weather again today!!!

    Thanks James!!!'s cooler up here...but hasn't been particularly cold!!!

  11. Wonderful photo.

    Regards and best wishes