Sunday, August 29, 2010

The first posting of my daily exploration of Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding areas...

Dave McCoy founded Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort...When Dave was all of 13, he went with his mother to visit friends in Independence California. While visiting there, he became entranced by the snow and soon declared his intention "This is where I'm going to spend my life"...

Dave McCoy realized his dream and more. On a whim and a prayer and with the help of Roma, his wife of 67 years, he began the steady process of developing one of the premier ski resorts in the world. His first step was to put in a rope tow for McGee mountain, thanks to Roma, his then future wife, who threatened to quit working for the bank if they didn't give him the loan he asked for. In 1953, the ski lodge was built starting with a chairlift offered to him by Walter Martignoni of United Tramway, and installed with his help. Throughout the subsequent years, Dave McCoy contributed in many ways to the development of the town of Mammoth in addition to his work on the Mountain. Dave and his trusted investors sold the mountain in 2005 for $365 million to the Starwood Capital Group. Dave is an active retiree, still enjoying photography, motorcycle riding, and returning to skiing after healing from a knee replacement.
And I'm worried about skiing with my silly ol' knee issues...


  1. Well, I feel honored to leave the very first comment on this new addition to the City Daily Photo family! I can't wait to explore Mammoth through your eyes and lens.

    Yay, Kathy!

  2. Oh this is going to be fun exploring Mammoth with you! Tell Dave he needs to stay off the slopes with that new knee!

  3. I feel we should christain your new site with a bottle of champagne, but that might crack my screen. Best to you and the chief and your exciting new adventure.

  4. You know it's a young town when the founder's still there. It must be an honor to know him. And it's an honor to know you and your young blog! I'll take some of that champagne.

  5. Love this blog! Will look forward to watching it grow, especially when it is sunny here and I am wishing for someplace greener and cooler.

  6. I love that McCoy is still around to tell about the founding. Great debut.

  7. V...I don't think there's much hope of curtailing Dave's skiing efforts...I think he's a man who doesn't take no for an answer!!!

    AH...I just happen to have two bottles of champagne in the fridge...come on up and we'll crack one open!!!

    Petrea...The Police dept has only been there since the mid 80's! My cousin's family had a cabin up here back in the early days...more to follow hopefully!!!

    YAY Margaret!!! It's sunny here too!!! Much warmer today than this weekend...Hopefully, blog growth will be much smoother than it's start!!! Blogger has made lot's of changes that have been a bit of a challenge!!!

    Thanks PA!!!

    Dave McCoy is most definitely still around. The Hubman and I look forward to meeting him!!!

  8. I need to wear a parka on this blog.

  9. Mr time SoCal hits 100+, just tune in!!!

  10. Judy - So CaliforniaAugust 30, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    I join the toast to you and the Chief! Will enjoy seeing all the wonderful things you have to share!