Monday, August 30, 2010

Believe it or not...

Believe it or not...the middle of May this year was the first time ever that the Hubman visited Mammoth Lakes.  He's been hunting in Colorado, visited the Western Sierras near Mineral King regularly since 1962, and he's even hunted in the Tioga pass area...but never been to Mammoth!!!  Soooo...this is what it was like, in the middle of May this year...

It was a bumper year for snow (40 feet)...the weekend we moved in was the last weekend of skiing on the mountain!!!

The Flip Flop Queen had better get some boots!!!

The lower lake of Twin Lakes in Mammoth.


  1. Hello Chieftess...just a friendly hello from your old stomping grounds in South Pasadena. I look forward to following all the beautiful sites you capture on your adventure up there...and maybe draw an inspiration or two to paint.

  2. and there is the bridge too!!! wonderful shot.