Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Beautiful Corner of the World...

Capistrano Strand, California

"Softly the evening came.
The sun from the western horizon
Like a magician extended his golden wand o'er the landscape;
Twinkling vapors arose;
and sky and water and forest
Seemed all on fire at the touch, and melted and mingled together."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I'm taking another breather...
but this time it's for fun and frolic!!!!

So I'm posting some of my favorites...
some that have grown on me...
and some just for fun!!!

I’ll be back November 20th!!!

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  1. Sorry to have been absent a bit, and hope to get back on track! I love the peacefulness in this photo.

  2. Thanks Bibi!!! Glad to have you back!!!

  3. Well, what can I say but BEAUTIFUL. (There, I shouted it :).

  4. Wow! What a gorgeous shot! Beautiful color!