Friday, November 9, 2012

Hey! Look! An Osprey!!!

One of the perks of volunteering for Mono Lake was the training...
pretty awesome training day if you ask me!!!

I'm taking another breather...
but this time it's for fun and frolic!!!!

So I'm posting some of my favorites...
some that have grown on me...
and some just for fun!!!

I’ll be back November 20th!!!

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  1. A classic and very beautiful photo. Of course, I love it.

  2. I'm surprised at how clear the water is. Very lovely.

  3. What lovely blues in this shot.

    Hope you're having fun on your break.

  4. Thanks LOL!!!

    It's very clear near shore when it's not least during the summer Margaret... During the winter the lake gets a bit mucky with algae...those darned alkali flies clear out the water spring and summer though!!!

    Thanks LadyFi! We're having a great time!!!