Sunday, May 19, 2013

Corazon = Heart...

If you guessed building a house in Tecate...

...with Mammoth Lakes Rotarians and Corazon...

You guessed right!!!

We're on our way home today...
tired and happy...
with full hearts...
grateful for the blessings we have...
and grateful for the opportunity to share our blessings
with those less fortunate.

Please check out the Corazon website
to see what a wonderful program it is!!!


  1. Bless you indeed! Love that first shot!!

  2. Thanks click'n'Camera!!! We get as much out of it as we give! It's a wonderful experience!

  3. Ha--saw 'corazon=hearts' and then I saw derrieres in your first photo! :)

  4. Well...aren't men's derriere's close to our hearts Bibi???

  5. HA! That first photo is fantastic!
    Know I see know why you were down south. That is a really nice thing that you guys were doing. Good on all of you!

  6. I read the one after this and now this. I think you and the chief are awesome to do this wonderful work.

  7. Thanks Pat!!! That first shot is my pride and joy!!!

    Thanks Margaret...TheChief is the one who's awesome...he organized the weekend this time and last year's, and is one of the hardest workers of the day...I'm just the (self) designated photographer!!!

  8. BRAVO!

    Great work and great images!!