Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

As I mentioned in the last few blogs...
Our Little Corner of the World  (Mammoth Lakes and Bishop CA)...
went south of the border this past weekend to 
build a house in a day...

The project was sponsored by the Mammoth Lakes Noon Rotary Club,
 with participants from Mammoth Lakes Interact (Rotary club at the high school),
Bishop Interact and Bishop Rotary.

Did I mention that the Mammoth Lakes Rotary Interact kids actually chose to 
build a house rather than attend the prom...
Now is that character building or what???

The Bishop kids may not have given up prom...
but they had fun getting into the act!!!

The whole motley crew...
and the family who received the new home...
(the three in center front, with the littlest in front, the older girl in pink and mom holding 
the yellow pad)
and a couple of neighbor kids too!!!

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  1. What a great thing to do! I admire you all, especially the kids.

  2. Great idea!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Kudos to everyone. Especially the kids. Whether they gave up prom night or not, their willingness to help others is admirable.

  4. Wonderful series, Chieftess. What a great crowd to do such good work. Plus, I love your header photo - beautiful!!!!

  5. How many times to someone break into, "If I Had A Hammer" :?
    Great shots, great work,

  6. kjempe flott innsats !
    hilsen dirk

  7. What a fine project!
    «Louis» really respects and admires all the wonderful work that Rotary does everywhere.

  8. Wonderful humanitarian work and photos to go with it.

  9. Thank you Betty, Gary, and Adelel!!!

    I agree Bayside!!! The kids were awesome...I figure there was at least one girl who has potential to be a star on a DIY channel!!!

    Thanks LOL!!!

    Now that's a song I didn't think of!!! Maybe on my slide show???? Thanks V!!!

    Thanks Dirk!!!

    Thanks <>!!! Rotary International is a fabulous organization that doesn't get the kudos they deserve!!!

    Thank you Bibi!!!

  10. What a great job! What great kids you have in your corner of the world! Hope that you had a big party afterwards!?

  11. Thanks Chai and Chardonnay!!! That night, we had a big Mexican dinner at a fun restaurant in El Cajon, California!!! Our day in Tecate, over, and an opportunity to share our experiences, laugh and drink margaritas!!! (Of course...the kids got soft drinks!!!)

  12. It's great that you do this year after year.