Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Sochi Time!!!

"The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport,
and maybe in life itself."
Dawn Fraser
Australian Swimmer
3 time Olympic winner

Yep!  That's snow...and that's Mammoth!!!
it snowed when I left last week...
and it's supposed to snow tomorrow and this weekend when I head back!!!

But more important...
the Olympics have started!!!
Did you know that the little town of Mammoth is represented by
6 athletes who are from or have trained in Mammoth???

John cross
Kelly Clark...snowboard
Trevor Jacob...snow board
Greg Bretz...snowboard
(are you sensing a trend here???)
Stacey Cook...downhill
Kaya Turski...Canadian freestyle skier

Keep your fingers crossed...
It's supposed to be all about the experience for these athletes...
but winning is the dream!!!

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  1. Hurray for snow - what a gorgeous shot!

  2. A lot of snow and a beautiful blue sky! Gorgeous!

  3. Snow covered evergreen trees set against a rich, blue sky - stunning. Truly stunning!

  4. Snow reminds me of warm christmas days and extended holidays. Yay for snow! :)

  5. strĂ¥lende ! god helg Kathryn :-)

  6. The snow looks amazing, but of course I'm biased in favour of it!

  7. I love the winter Olympics! We got snow down here in Portland yesterday. And of course Mt. Hood got a good dumping too. Yahoo!

  8. I was hoping you'd show us snow. (Downhill is my favorite, so I'll root for your Stacey Cook.)

  9. I am green with envy :). Love seeing your snow. I love Winter Olympics too. Snowboarding events are on in 30 minutes. I'll be looking out for Mammoth's competitors. Exciting!!!

  10. Just watched some snow-board events on the TV - looked like a cross between winter sports and skateboarding! Nice.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. I love to watch snowboard (I'm watching it now). Glad to see you got some of the white stuff, just a few more feet and you'll be caught up.

    1. I lost out on a whole month's worth of snow Woody...not sure we can catch up! Especially with as warm as it's been...

  12. Good luck to your competitors Chieftess.. somehow I think Aussies excel more in the water sports :)