Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Little Corner of the World...Expanded...

"The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist.
For man it is to know that and to wonder at it."
Jacques Yves Cousteau

Any ideas where we are???

I'll give you a couple of hints...

it took us 7 1/2 hours to drive here...


there's a whole lot of Chiefs milling around here...

(not bad for an iPhone photo, eh?)

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  1. Wowie! Beautiful capture! Are you at Sea World?

  2. I'd say San Diego also. There are a few public aquariums, Sea World and a huge Navy base (for the Chiefs). Nice photo, wherever you are!

  3. Nope...opposite direction from San Diego!

  4. Wow, that's pretty spectacular! I have no clue where you took it, looking forward to understanding the destination :-)

  5. San Francisco comes to mind but no idea really. Amazing shot...spectacular!

  6. Replies
    1. Well darn! I thought you had it! But when I logged on to your link it turned out to be the Oregon Aquarium...

  7. Ok...I give in!!! We are in Monterey California! As the crow flys, not that far, but when you live in Mammoth, getting to the Central Coast is daunting!!! Especially in the winter as all the passes are closed. So we had to drive north into Nevada, cross the Sierras near Lake Tahoe, then south and west to the coast!!! Yep...7 1/2 hours!!! But it was worth it...such a beautiful little town!!!

  8. Whaaaat? That's an iPhone shot? It's gorgeous!! (And you're in yet another gorgeous area of the country)

  9. It's a lovely capture. They're jellyfish, if I'm not mistaken?

  10. FABULOUS iPhone shot!

    Let's see - there's a lot of Chiefs there. You shot that iPhone shot of the jellyfish in a pool adjacent to a Krispy Kreme.

    M. Scélérat, éditeur à «Louis»: You'd better watch it there, Vache! The police get TIRED of the doughnut jokes! You may have really (ahem) stepped in it this time!
    «Louis» à M. Scélérat, éditeur: OOPS!

  11. Wow - surreal and utterly magical!

  12. Wherever it is, it has a great view!