Thursday, April 24, 2014

Round 2...

Bear - 2...

Dog gate - 0

The barbecue lovin' bear is at it again!!!

Fortunately...the gate alerted me...and I shooed him away before he got to the barbecue!!

Kelly didn't even notice...

Barbecue lovin' bear...

Remember this guy???  
The cute little cub that survived after mom was killed by a car on Hwy 203?
He's now a couple hundred pounds and has developed a fondness for barbecues...
...well...let me re-phrase that...
a fondness for OUR barbecues (he already ate one...)!!!
(and the next door neighbor's)

Our resident Bear Whisperer says he's never heard of a barbecue lovin' bear!!!

Oh...and BTW...
he's also...

...the infamous Vons Bear!!!

As cute and fun as these encounters may be...
they can be the beginnings of trouble for this bear...
Steve Searles, the Bear Whisperer, is concerned about him
and is on the look out for him...
His objective?
To encourage the bear to leave the human things alone and go back to his natural habitat...

We'd like that too...
...those darned doggy gates (and barbecues) are kind of expensive!!!

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  1. Cute pic of the bear! But I'm sorry you're having these encounters. Hope the Bear whisperer can convince him to leave.

  2. The great problem living in bear country... can one even have a barbecue?

  3. According to the Bear Whisperer nobody else's barbecue has been eaten just ours!!!

  4. #2 is some soulful portrait.

  5. Both those bears are so adorable!

    1. They're the same bear Kristin!!! He's a rascal!!!

  6. wunderschön auf einem Bild..nur WIRKLICH möchte ich es nicht erleben
    LG vom katerchen