Friday, December 10, 2010

Skywatch Friday!!!

Do you remember my shot of the Sherwin mountains from the late summer early fall???  This is the view getting off  Highway 395 going south from June Lake...I actually stopped on the off ramp to take the pics!!!  I am entranced by how different the mountains can look...I drive up from Bishop and can hardly keep my eyes on the road...the shadows change on a daily basis...the textures of the mountains, the snow...

Don't you just love the snow swirls???

To view more photos for skywatch Friday, link here!!!


  1. It's like those mountains have been waiting for you. You capture them so beautifully, everytime.

  2. *gasp*! Now!

  3. Thanks LadyFi!!! It is God's country up here!!!

    Hi Jidhu Jose!!! Welcome!!!

    Thank you Hiker!!! It is unbelievably beautiful up here...every day I see something different!

    Welcome Lizziviggi!!! Grab your gear and just head south from your neck of the woods!!!

  4. Yes, I love the snow swirls and the snow wisps and the snow everything.

  5. Thanks Linda!!! A bit different from your gorgeous snow shots at !!!

    The best part of living in Mammoth snow country is that after it snows, the sun comes out and it's glorious!!!

  6. What a stunning shot. You are so fortunate to have captured it!
    Have a wonderful weekend Kathryn.


  7. Thank you Lisa! I'm fortunate to be living here because every where I turn is a fabulous shot!!!

  8. wow that is so beautiful, I am so envious again of where you live

  9. Great contrast between the two photos. Wouldn't it be fun to do a series of 12, taken at the same time every month from the same vantage point?

  10. Thank you Justine! We are blessed to be able to live here!!!

    Clairz...I've thought of doing that...but I'm not sure if this is the spot I want to do!!! We'll see!!!