Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's "E" Day for ABC Wednesday!!!

No, this is not a photo of an Equine...and it's not Early in the morning.  There was an Eagle flying above that would perch periodically on a utility pole, but Each time I Encroached upon it, he Emigrated to another spot.  Here, in the Eastern Sierras, cows Exist and flourish...after all, there's lot's of Edible, lush grass for them to Eat.  Sometimes, there might even be an Elk or two for visitors.  But don't get out your Espresso machine just yet...these aren't the type of cows you need for a latte!!!

Not a bad life for a cow, EH???

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  1. EAGLE EVASION. still, nice.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. What an amazingly beautiful backdrop for your subjects... I love how the base of the mountain appears to have a gentle swirl.


  3. Thank you Su-sieee Mac and Carola!!! And welcome!!!

    Roger...The Eagle probably thought it was more like Eagle stalking!!!

    Merci Beaucoup Genie!!! The swirl was part of the reason I chose this one...

    Ever the Expertly Executed comments Hiker and Petrea!!! Thank you for playing along!!!

  4. Thank you Chubskulit!!! I'd love to know the story behind that nomiker!!!

  5. This is gorgeous and I was interested in your comment about our new snow. Good grief! How do you all manage with all that? We Bammers are just glad for short snowfalls , then it's GONE!:?)

  6. When the local economy is driven by winter sports...primarily skiing and pray for snow!!! Aside from that, it certainly provides the foundation for a gorgeous spring, summer and fall!!!
    One of the pluses about Mammoth vs other snow areas is that when it stops snowing, it's pretty much California sun and blue skies...kind of the best of both worlds!!!
    Thanks for stopping by Miss Virginia!!! Always a pleasure!!!

  7. Lovely photo. But too cold for me, sissy that I am.

  8. That was a warm day Oakland DP!!! It snowed all day today!!!

  9. absolutely LOVE your E day, wonderful shot and how clever your post is.

  10. Fun plus a beautiful atmospheric photo.

  11. Thank you Berowne and Granny Smith!!! Glad you came by to visit and comment!!!

  12. A very creative E post... and the photo of the cows against the snowy mountain is great.