Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is this a Nimbus???

Not being a cloud afficianado, I don't know if this is a Nimbus cloud or Not...
I am still a Neophyte here in Mammoth so don't Nag me about Not knowing the Names of clouds.
I'm still Naive about the Natural surroundings here, but plan on learning as time goes on.
Why?  Because this is a pretty Nifty place to live!!!

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  1. i was NEVER good at cloud formations either.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Nice 'n Neat!

    Retired Navy for N, hope you can come by and comment. Thank you!

  3. Niiiice photo! No need to worry, I didn't even know clouds had names! lol. Love that you included "Nifty" ;D

  4. Heh, Heh Roger!!! Guess we missed the same lesson in Earth Science!!!

    Thanks Capturedalive!!!

    Thanks Chubskulit!!!

  5. Thanks for your Nifty comment Kaori!!!

  6. Looks like a combination of types to me! I should know since I taught a unit on weather to gr. 4s years ago, but I forget.

    abcw team

  7. I wanted to say something clever about what it looks like-- but I've got nothing. As you can see, my brain is sleepy today.

  8. Well I guess I don't feel so bad for not knowing's been a whole lot of years since I was in the 4th grade!!!

    I can relate to the sleepy brain Margaret!!! Last night as I was posting this I was trying to figure out how to incorporate something about an alien ship disguised as a cloud, but my sleepy brain couldn't connect that concept to an N word!!!

  9. I used to know a man called the Cloud Man. He wrote a book about clouds. He'd know. All I know is how fascinating it is.

  10. Well, Petrea...this is all so confusing!!! It appears that there's a particular cloud phenomenon up here in the Sierra Nevadas...called the Sierra Wave... which is a Lenticular cloud...go figure...I'd never heard of a lenticular cloud until I looked up the Sierra Wave cloud which a friend mentioned to me yesterday while we were walking...

    I guess ya learn something new everyday!!!

  11. Looks like a space ship to me!!

    You got a really nice capture.

  12. Fabulous cloud - looks good enough to eat!

  13. Wanda...Kind of like the Enterprise, eh?

    Marshmallow clouds to go with all the marshmallow mountains up here LadyFi!!!

  14. I have no idea but it is outstanding! Spectacular capture!