Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whoa Nellie!!!

Ever had lobster taquitos and mango a gas station deli???

Trust's true!!!  Right at the beginning of the road to the Tioga Pass entry to Yosemite is the ultimate in gas station deli's.  The Whoa Nellie Deli is owned and operated by Chef Matt Toomey, a very fine chef!!!  Check out the website and menu here, and a review here...

The fish tacos and mango margaritas are stellar and what's most well known...
but I have to say, the last time I was there I tried the lobster taquitos and they were heaven!!!!
Add the mango margarita, and Whoa Nellie!!!
Add to that a fabulous on the weekends...and you've got yourself a fabulous afternoon!!!

But keep in mind, it's closed winter and least when spring is like this last one!!!


  1. I saw their menu and it does look very delish! Love how they have the picnic tables outside...would be wonderful on a warm day :D

  2. Those colors go well with river rock, don't they?

  3. It's very yummy Kaori! I've heard their pork is scrumptious too! And weekend afternoons with music on the grass and the view...standing room only!!!

    Pretty much everything up here goes with river rock Hiker!!!

  4. ...and you lived to tell the story! Just kidding... those mango margaritas sound very refreshing. Who would ever have thought about a chef in a Mobil station?!

  5. They're yummy which is rough when you're the driver and have to stop sooner!!! When we moved up here people asked us if we'd been to the gas station yet which we thought was a weird question until it was clarified that there's an awesome deli there! TheChief never really got excited about going because he couldn't imagine it being all that good...I've been twice now and so now he's decided it sounds pretty good!!! We'll be heading up there this summer for sure!!!

  6. I've heard of Michelin ratings for restaurants, but never Mobil ratings! ;-)

    Sounds great and looks like an awesome summer all we need is summer! We've had a glimpse in my neck of the woods today, finally!

    wv: nalanf...after her 3rd mango 'rita, The Chieftess was asked if she wanted a 4th, she replied which The Chief decided she'd had enough!

  7. Ahhhh make me laugh!!!

    Keep this spot in mind if you venture east into Yosemite at all this summer!!!

  8. (and me too if you come this way!!!)

  9. If we make it east this summer, we'll make sure to let you know we're incoming. Not sure it will happen---calendar is getting packed pretty quickly.

    btw, hanging out ~77F here in the valley of silicon today...warm, sunny and just about perfect here and looks pretty nice in your neck of the woods too!

  10. Ah well...calendars have a way of doing that!!!