Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Little Corner of the World...

"A time to be reaping.
A time to be sowing.
The green leaves of summer
are calling me home."
The Brothers Four

It's getting greener and greener up here every day...

It's Our World Tuesday again...for more shots from around the world, 


  1. Thank you Jim and Cathy! Looks like you're both Aussies! So glad you stopped by My Little Corner of the World to visit!!! Welcome!

  2. Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Your post is dreamy. The water is so inviting. Very tranquil and peaceful. The trees are budding out which is nice. Locely shot. genie

  4. Thank you Gary and Boom!!! I'm sure Mammoth shots are reminiscent of your area too! Do you have Spring yet?

    Thanks Genie! The water is very inviting to Kelly...she'll go in the water with ice floating on it...I'm inclined to want warmer water!!!

  5. So beautiful and peaceful! Terrific capture for the day!


  6. And I like yours!--and the fact that you were willing to share the true desk. Sad to say, I submitted a neatened version of mine (mainly to remove confidential stuff)--and still landed in the messy pile.

  7. Beautiful blue and spring green together - love it :)

  8. Absolutely lovely. Waiting for a painter to come by...or a photographer.

  9. VERY nice photo! It looks like a beautiful place...

  10. Thank you Sylvia and Hiker!

    That's ok Jean...I submitted a second photo with part of the desk actually showing after I cleared off the stuff I put there so the carpet guy could clean the carpets... TheChief convinced Hiker that the first photo was the more accurate one...which, now that I look at it, I have to admit he's probably right!!!

    Thank you Birgitta!!!

    Bibi...I actually ran into some plein air painters scoping out the views the previous time I was here!!!

    Thanks is!!!

  11. this makes me want to explore the shore.