Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's a Parade!!!

Diego...hands down...the star of the parade...

Kelly...proud surrogate mom of Diego...

Getting into position...

Definitely a hot entry!!!

We were part of the Corvette brigade...
nope, this isn't the one we were in!

Kelly sat in the well in front of me...Diego on driver Joanne's lap...
and Olympian  Robyn Morning on the bac...

A parade's eye view!!! guessed it...the Trojan Horse comes to Mammoth!!!

After some of the budget cuts, the fire department had to downsize...

Everyone who's anyone was in the parade...if not...they were

What's better after a parade than a free concert in the park???

Everybody got into the spirit of the day...

Even Kelly!!!

Kelly really stepped into her surrogate mom role today...
after the concert in the park, Kelly and Diego approached a couple
of GoldenDoodles...they became aggressive and charged Kelly and Diego...
Diego scooted back to Kelly and positioned himself under her belly...
Kelly simply stood there and said "Really???  You're going 
to go after my kid here???"
The Golden Doodles backed off and all was well.  
Sorry to say there were no all happened too fast!!!


  1. Fantastic photographs, excellent meeting. I am greeting

  2. What a cute parade! Great pics.

  3. Kelly is awesome. I'm glad Diego knew where to go for help. It looks like you had a great day.

  4. I was stunned when I saw Diego do that and Kelly stood there protecting was really cool Margaret!!!

    BTW everybody...Margaret is a new author!!! Check out her book on Goddess Lounge...sure to be a great, fun read!!!

  5. Catch me up to date. Did you get a new puppy?

  6. No PA...Kelly inspired my girlfriend up here to get a new Kelly is his surrogate mom/friend!!! He's going to be big like Kelly and probably look like a clone!!!

  7. Fascinating to see this glimpse of an entirely different world!