Thursday, July 26, 2012


Over all, while working Mono Lake, I've met more folks travelling from 
Germany than anywhere else...
Of course, I had to tell them that my mom's parents immigrated
from Switzerland in the early 1900's...
I'm not sure that they were all that impressed, but it did spark some


  1. Wonder why the predominance of German visitors. Any theories?

  2. Lovely light in this shot.

  3. Not really Jean...the Netherlands tourist told me that where he is staying, they've had a preponderance of tourists from the Netherlands...
    I have to admit, there also have been quite a number of Asian tourists, but they tend to not engage in conversation whether from language barrier or not, I'm not quite sure....

    Thank you LadyFi!! That's one of the reasons I took this one! After my workshop last weekend, I've been paying more attention to light!!!

  4. Very interesting. As you know, we spend quite a bit of time roaming around in the desert. During the hot summers, most of the "tourists" we run into are German. The guy who runs the restaurant in Borrego Springs (mentioned my last post) said if it wasn't for the Germans, they'd have very little business during the hot season.

  5. Wow!!! How interesting Pat!!! I wonder if this is a pattern all over California???

  6. I've noticed the same thing on our yearly trip to Sequoia, and one year, even in Palm Springs! Great photo, too!

  7. We go to Sequoia every year too Adele!!! We go during Labor Day weekend and stay at a private lodge in the Mineral King area...