Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Woodpile...

"Every man looks at his wood pile with a kind of affection."
Henry David Thoreau

When we lived in Glendale...TheChief prided himself on his woodpile resourcefulness!!!  
We had plenty of wood each winter to burn our little fires in the fireplace to our heart's content.
When we bought our place up here...we realized that a pellet stove is much more efficient 
for actual we replaced the old woodburner with a new efficient 
pellet stove...

There's still a flame...but I think TheChief misses his woodpile!!!

(This is the woodpile at our special place in Sequoia!!!)

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  1. Having a woodpile here means snakes....and I wouldn't miss the snakes.

  2. You have photographed one of my favorite things to shoot....woodpiles. I am fascinated about how one is so different from the other. So many people use wood for heat in our area there are lots of woodpiles. This macro is wonderful in b/w. genie

  3. Great shor!
    And, it is so good to use this during the cold day!

  4. Danielle...down in Glendale, it meant rats and mice...but our cats kept that population under control!!!

    I agree Genie!!! And up here...when you drive around town you'll see woodpile after woodpile!!! People are definitely stocking up for the winter!!!

    Thanks HansHB!!! There's nothing like a good fire in the fireplace on a cold winter's night!!!

  5. What a great composition!

  6. Nice! Fine use of depth of field.

  7. Woodpiles. I'm inspired to try one - this is great!