Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where Oh Where Has Our Lovely Lake Gone???

Ever see the drain at the bottom of a lake???

Photo courtesy of Dan Watson...iPhone!!!

Horseshoe Lake is one of the Lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin...
This actually is a crevice that drains the lake...
But no one knows where all the water actually goes!!!
With our lack of snow this year...the lake has emptied extraordinarily fast and 

See the difference from last year here and here...


  1. Oh, wow....that's sad...and bad.

  2. It's really weird Bibi! This is our third September here and this is definitely the lowest we've seen the lake and most of the long term locals have said the same...
    It will fill up again with a good snow year...let's hope this year fills the bill!!!

  3. That's sad, but we do have hope for rain and snow soon!

  4. As much as I'd like to see this lake fill up quickly again...I can wait a bit before the snow sets in!!! Thanks for visiting IcyBC!!!

  5. Oh, that is sad. I am going to do a rain dance for you.

  6. Hope it fills up this winter!

  7. That's fascinating and sad. Maybe Margaret has a goddess for this?

  8. I think Adele's right Margaret...I'm going to swing by and see if you have any goddesses for shrinking lakes!!!

    I know it will fill up considerably...but back to the top??? Let's see what a rain/snow dance can do!!!

    Thanks for the suggestion Adele...I'll head over to Margaret's next!!!

  9. It's not really as scary as it might seem happens every year, just not to this degree!!! Last year it stayed almost full because we had so much snow from the winter before....