Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Opening Day... November 7, 2013!!!

Yep...get your skis or snow boards and pile in the car...
it's opening weekend this weekend!!!

But don't count on running into TheChief and me up on the mountain...
I think we're gonna pass this season...

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  1. Already?! In Switzerland the season starts at the end of the month…But it looks tempting at your corner of the world!

  2. My favorite sport, but my knees are no long cooperating. Darn!!

  3. I'm with you guys, I'll pass. It's beautiful!!

  4. I wish our mountains would get enough snow for skiing. My skis are waxed and ready!

  5. We have the advantage of some man made snow Chai-and-chardonnay...our natural start would probably be at the end of the month too...but having the ability to make snow insures that are open over our Thanksgiving holiday and in low snow years!!!

    Thanks Rambling Round!!

    My sentiments exactly Kate!!!

    TheChief prefers to sit in the lodge with a good hot toddy and watch the kids and grandkids risk life and limb!!!

    Mammoth is one of the top ski areas in the US Linda...frequently with the most snow...a blessing for the mountain...not so much if you like spring!!!

  6. Very early indeed!

    I don't do downhill skiing, but I've enjoyed cross country.

  7. Sitting in the lodge would do me fine as well! But it's beautiful to look at.

  8. Boy oh boy does that look great. Love the header photo too!

  9. Gratulerer :-) det ser veldig fint ut !

  10. Before you know it, you are going to become a snow-bird...

  11. I think a party in the lodge is in the making!!!

    My snow bird days have dwindled Pat...the knees haven't been too happy the last few times I've skiied!!!