Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

Ever feel like your life is going down the drain???

 Horseshoe Lake went down the drain...literally!!!
This hole is a natural drain for the lake...
Near the lake bottom, and apparently the result of some earthquake/volcanic activity...
this drains the lake year by year...and we're sure...feeds lakes and streams down below...
The snow melt fills it up...but by the end of summer...a fair amount may go down the drain!!!

 After our first year of snow up here...this lake was as full as it could be...
So when it went down the didn't get as far down as this....

 Kelly doesn't care all that much...she has a nice run from car to lake shore...
and a little shallower water to wade and play in!!!

I'm taking a little Holiday break this week...I'll be back next week!!!
Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday if you're stateside!!!
And if not...have a delightful week!!!

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  1. A curious lake! And beautiful photographs.

    Enjoy the holiday!

  2. Wow, that's a pretty serious drain, with a pretty interesting history. I do so love the photos of your views.

  3. thank you Woody!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

  4. First of all, I do NOT envy Kelly! Brrrr. It is snowing here and I just hate it when it snows in the city. I sound like a real humbug, but am not.

    Interesting about the drain; didn't know. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. mange flotte bilder siden sist jeg var her !

  6. Wow, I've never heard of anything like that. How interesting! At least it seems to be a rather slow drain.

  7. That's fascinating. Must keep the water extra clean. Your photos made me shiver, so I checked your temp; you're freezing, precisely.

  8. Looks cold! Love that drainhole - never seen one before.

  9. Fascinating.

    Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your break.

  10. Thank you Kathy for setting up your computer challenged "little big sis" to be able to comment on your are a terrific photographer!!! Margo

  11. I have never seen such a hole…very interesting .Lovely pictures and I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. hee hee... Kelly jumps at the chance to get in the water!

    «Louis» hopes you had a fine holiday!

    1. Now she's jumping at the chance to romp in the snow!!! Thanks << Louis >>!!!