Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Stop in Bodie...

"Gold, gold, gold..."
Sam Brandon

These words started the stampede that was to become known as the California Gold Rush...
Bodie was a bustling city back in the early 1900's...
although it was a bit rough around the edges...
lot's of murders, robberies, houses of ill repute...
but then...those miners needed to have fun!!!

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  1. I love visiting old mining towns. So much history!

  2. The California Gold Rush was how "The Associates" -- Huntington, Stanford, Hopkins, and Crocker -- started their fortune. They didn't dig for gold, they sold the shovels.

  3. Old Sam screwed over Sutter by spreading word that there was gold out there. Sutter could have made a bloody fortune, having possession of prime gold land, when the discovery was just made, and he lost it to prospectors swarming over his land. Sam's point of view was that he could make money selling goods.

    It's a shame Sutter didn't kill Sam. If there was ever justifiable homicide, that was it.

    1. I suppose if I was Sutter I'd totally agree!!!

  4. Excellent photo! Great lines and contrast.

  5. Great composition.

  6. Excellent composition Chieftess.. That sounds like a fairly apt description of the mining towns in WA way back during the gold rush!

  7. Really nice photo! Lots of California history there (and in some of the comments also).