Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our Little Corner of the World...Expanded!!!

It's time for Corazon!!!
Build a house in a day... Tecate Mexico!!!

The Mammoth Rotary along with Bishop Rotary and 
both Mammoth and Bishop Rotary Interact kids...
went to Tecate Mexico on Saturday...
and built a house in a day!!!

The painters got started first...

By mid day, the walls were put together, and getting placed on the slab...

There was lot's of learning going on...

...and lot's of team work!

Reminiscences of the old world barn raising...

...and the wild, wild west!!!

There was lot's of sunshine...

That wilted even the toughest workers...
and called for some tender nursing...

I have to admit...
I was getting a kick out of the back light angle of the sun...

Then there were the finishing touches.

And when the day is done...
the family gets ready to receive the keys to the house...
the most important part of the day.

You this area of Tecate, a home with a door that locks is a rarity...
...having a home with a locked door means they can all leave as a family without having to leave someone behind to guard their belongings.

All in all...
it was a good day!!!

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  1. Wow.... the real triumph is when you hand over the keys.
    Like the teamwork.

  2. What pleasure to make people happy like that.

  3. Hard work for a super project! End result - fantastic. Love your series of shots.

  4. hard jobba men det ha jo blitt skikkelig bra !

  5. Amazing work, and quite worthwhile!

  6. What a wonderful thing to do for a deserving family. Great photos!

  7. Our Corazon trips are always a wonderful experience...Each family who receives a house has definitely earned it. Corazon requires them to participate in community service, as well as classes in subjects that range from domestic violence and child abuse to gardening and job skills.
    The day begins in El Cajon, early in the morning, before we're particularly awake!!! We caravan to the build site, where all the supplies that are needed for the build is located. Then it's time to pitch in!!! Corazon provides "lead builders" to coordinate the project, we supply the labor! At the end of the day, the Tecate neighborhood has a new neighbor!!! Corazon partners with all kinds of service organizations...if you're interested in participating, check

  8. What a very rewarding experience this must be and to be able to turn over the keys to a family, fantastic!

  9. That's a wonderful thing to be a part of!

  10. It is so grat that you guys do this. Well done!

  11. I love these annual posts of yours. Love seeing the young people. I wonder what is going through the minds of the people who receive the home.

    Do you know how many houses you and Dan have built so far?

  12. Not just a good day Chieftess, a blooming brilliant day! I love this Rotary project, I have friends who get involved in the same house building project in parts of Asia.

    1. That's probably with Habitat for Humanity Grace...Corazon is simply in Mexico...but they seem to be very much the same in how they operate!

  13. Good job Chieftess. When I was a kid my moms family lived in various Latin neighborhoods here in LA. And I recall pink and aqua was a predominant color combo. Don't see to much of that anymore.

    1. son't you love the color combination?!!! The interior color is the peach and aqua...the exterior is periwinkle and aqua!

  14. Good on all of you for doing this!
    What a great day for everyone...

    1. It was a great day!!! And we topped it off with a great party after in a fun Mexican restaurant in old town El Cajon!!!

  15. hier sagt man
    LG vom katerchen

  16. Kathy:

    Another super job recording a incredible and rewarding event. Just love the happiness on the faces of the family receiving the keys!

    Trish Dunlap