Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moving to Bodie???

"Good-bye God...I'm going to Bodie!"
excerpt from the diary of young girl who's family moved to Bodie

This is the Methodist chuch in Bodie...
As I mentioned yesterday...Bodie was a rough town...
but it's my understanding that Bodie also had quite a number of churches in its heyday...

The quote is an actual quote from a little girl's diary.
She wrote it upon learning from her parents that they were moving to Bodie...
The town was such a rough town that she interpreted it as
being doomed to a Godless town.

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  1. What a lovely church. I love the wonderful simplicity of it.

  2. A lovely church in a lovely part of the country.
    Have a great day. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Great photo and I enjoyed the tidbit about moving to Bodie! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The church is lovely, but the rest of the town gives me the creeps. We've been there about 4 or 5 times now...
    ~Cheryl Ann~ Doesn't look like we'll make it up there this summer, however...sigh...

  5. What a cool old church. Nice photo!

  6. It feels like an enduring church after all this time.

  7. I wouldn't want to move there, but I sure would like to visit for a while. It's been much too long.
    Nice photo Kathryn!

  8. A beautiful blog. That which cries out to go back to him. I think I will come back.
    Feel free also to myself, to my Polish blog.
    I wish you good health :)

  9. gorgeous!! hope you get to move soon. ha. ha!! have a great day! ( :

    sorry for the late comment. i've been out of town. take care. ( :