Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reflections of a Past Life...

"The present is the past rolled up for action,
and the past is the present unrolled for understanding."
Will and Ariel Durant

I've been going back into all my old photos, 
keywording them so when I want something specific, I can find it!!!

I ran across this one from one of my trips to Bodie State Historical Park...
one of my favorite places in the Eastern Sierras to visit and photograph!!!

Thought I'd share it with James' Weekend Reflections meme!!!

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  1. Great composition, well seen and done!
    Beautiful photo for this theme!

  2. The tittle is perfect, and the reflection is stunning. Well done !

  3. All the above comments are right on! Great combination of objects.

  4. Very nice reflections Chieftess. I t must be so nice to have your photos in some sort of real order. I kend of know where some things are, others I have to search all the way through..that's a lot of photos!
    p.a. We do usually have hot dry heat which is actually quite bearable, but there is a period towards the end of summer where it's desperately trying to rain when the humidity level soars, oh my, that's the only time of the whole year when the weather is hard to bear.

  5. Thanks Gerald!

    Thanks Karl! I love shooting reflections like this but don't do it often up here in the mountains!!!

    Thank you 'Tsuki

    Thanks Kate!!!

    Thanks Brian!!!

    I use Lightroom for my processing which specializes in good photo organization for photographers...but did I do that part of it when I first got it??? Haha!!! I think you know the answer to that one!!! Now I'm going back and re-doing it all!!! it's been a mess and I've lost some pics....with well over 25k pics it's a daunting task!!! Thanks Perth!!!
    Humidity is the worst! Hope it rains soon!!!

  6. I remember it well. I love the ghost effect.

  7. I love it! What a wonderful reflection photo!

  8. I did like the photos you took there.

  9. Love the place, love the picture, wish you'd come and organize my photos;))))

  10. Thanks James!!!

    Thanks Margaret!!! I'm planning on going back soon!!!

    Thanks Sallie!!! The hard part is keeping it up!!!

  11. I am catching up and I am glad I didn't miss this one. Wonderful reflection and interesting spot. Liked reading about your filing system :).

  12. Thanks Bibi!!!

    I actually re did my whole organization awhile back, but kept forgetting to add keywords....which when you've got as many photos as I have, helps tremendously!!!

  13. Perfect! today and yesterday rolled into one.