Saturday, May 4, 2013



Where the heck is my laptop cord???

Laptop is deader'n a doornail!!!

Have to go to a graduation.!!!  Ugh... Up at 6???  I must really love Mimi!!!

Check back later today... I'll stop by Radio Shack on the way back to the house!!!


Update!   Graduation went smoothly... Except for the fact my camera was on the coffee table at home... Thank God for iPhones!!!
Now the dilemma... New, expensive power cord for a very old laptop that doesn't hold a charge any more... Or a dreadfully expensive new laptop???


  1. Your day is bound to improve and get better!

  2. At graduation...sitting right next to the speakers...
    Love you Mimi!!!

  3. Lot's going on for you! If you have the money, a new laptop would be a great gift to yourself.

  4. You are really having a lot of computer drama

  5. Just come over and use mine, Mademoiselle Equipmente.

  6. I vote for a brand new laptop :)!!! They don't last forever. Treat deserve it!

  7. Yep...Mercury (the planet) must be in retrograde!!! Something about machines and communication and bad juju..

    the computer at home is doing just fine...but then...I'd have to be at home to appreciate that!!!

    I might just take you up on your offer Petrea!!! Not quite ready to make the plunge into new laptop heaven...too much going on in the next few months...I did manage to post this...but it took me a whole lot of time and a lot of machinations!!!