Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

Hangin' out in the neighborhood...
According to our Wildlife Specialist (and Bear Whisperer), Steve Searles,
it's unusual to get a shot of deer laying down...

Hopefully, they weren't laying down long, because shortly after I took this shot....
look who was crashing the party...

Crappy photo...but it's the first time I've ever seen a bobcat
in person, up close and pretty personal!

I saw him crossing the street...ran and got my camera...
ran the settings...and barely had time to click 
as he crossed the driveway next door...
much less hold the camera steady!!!

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  1. Bless you for being camera ready! These photos are a great reward.

  2. Thanks Dina!!! The one disadvantage of my beautiful DSLR camera is that it takes a little time to get the settings right...a point and shoot would have gotten these much faster and better!!!

  3. You did a wonderful job on both. The deer is pretty spectacular shot.

  4. Wow- never seen deer laying down ,it looks so peaceful! And a bobcat....maybe I should move to your corner of the world!

  5. Wow seeing a bobcat is like winning a lottery, great post.

  6. What a catch...beautiful deer blending in and out in the open bobcat. Super!

  7. Wow! What absolutely amazing shots! I saw a Bobcat only once, in the mountains of PA. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Your little corner of the National Geographic world.

  9. That's what the Wildlife Specialist told me too Chai-Chardonnay!!! It un-nerved me when I saw the bobcat...especially because he was coming from the area where the deer were earlier, and my cats had both managed to escape and go outside earlier in the afternoon. Thank goodness they were both in...I don't know if any of the deer were the cat's dinner, but I didn't hear any ruckus or deer cries so I don't think so.

    It was like winning the lottery Christian!!!

    Thanks LOL!!! Seeing the bobcat was a thrill for me!

    I'll disagree with you on the amazing shots other than being in the right time at the right place...but shaky camera syndrome screwed up the bobcat shot and I had a tough time with the deer...the shot didn't look very clear to me (maybe it's because I used my old telephoto lens which isn't all that great a lens.!) Thanks though, Ann!

    I do feel like I live in the middle of National Geographic at times Hiker!!!

  10. Good golly gosh! Great photos. Good to know the deer feel relaxed enough to lie down and chill out. I don't think the bobcat will take them on. But they're beautiful felines, aren't they?

  11. Amazing, wonderful shots, Chieftess. The critters are not surprising in your neck of the world--you see a lot of bears, too! I've seen some great critters around here, and it concerns me how close they are to civilization--not for our sake, but for theirs. A bobcat, a mountain lion and a family of deer, all on different occasions, none too worried about me.

  12. Two fantastic shots! Bobcats are very shy and elusive! How cool you were able to get this!

  13. Bravo for getting it together so quickly Chieftess, I like the way he's checking you out as well, he/she has the face of a pussy cat..attached to a powerful body :) The deer are so lovely, hopefully the bobcat wasn't aware they were so close.

  14. Thanks Bellis!!! Glad you stopped by!!! I think I would have heard the ruckus if the bobcat had gotten one of the deer....'ve seen all those in your neck of the woods Petrea!!! I'd never seen a bobcat...and still haven't seen a mountain lion here or anywhere in the wild. I've heard of sightings of those in Glendale, but never seen them myself. I actually saw a herd of about 9 deer including a buck with a full rack on a street in my neighborhood down south, more than I've seen up here in a group!!!

    I was amazed at how relaxed he was when he saw me Brian! He just sauntered across the street...I was maybe 20 feet from him when I caught the photo...on my front porch....he could have cared less after he checked me out!!!

    The bobcat was walking the other way PerthDP! So either he already saw and conquered or he didn't know they were there! He did look like a snuggly kitty...but I don't think I'd want to snuggle with him!!!