Monday, May 27, 2013

Do You See a Ghost in the Window???

"An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself."
Charles Dickens

A macro shot of one of the buildings in Bodie...

My camera's been acting up...something's going on with the shutter...
and no camera shops up here to take it to and get suggestions!!!  
Is Mercury in retrograde again???  
Is there some electrical pulse going around zapping 
computers and cameras alike???
Or is it just one of those crappy runs of bad luck 
we have to deal with every once in awhile in this thing called

(Went to Bodie...I took about 3 times the number of photos than what downloaded...
the shutter was sticking and nothing I did would reset it...
I'll still be posting for awhile...until I know what's up
I'll keep you posted!)

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  1. Beautiful! Old wood looks lovely.

  2. beautiful clouds...thanks so much for sharing with I Heart Macro:-)

  3. I swear I saw SOMETHING in another window up there!

    Isn't there a camera shop in Bishop? Sometimes you can mail it in. When my Nikon went flying across the floor one time when we stayed at Twin Lakes and I came in out of the snow and slipped on the floor, hubby mailed it into Nikon and they fixed my broken viewfinder...Hope you resolve this. NO FUN!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  4. jeg kan se det, litt skummelt :-9
    hilsen dirk

  5. Great shot!
    Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting!

  6. this looks like a painting. beautiful photography

  7. I know a great place outside of Atlanta you can send it to. Just let me know. Hope you have a backup camera of some sort!!

    Great shot.

  8. This look an 'American West' sort of shot to me. Like it a lot. BUT, don't like that you are having yet another challenge, Chieftess. Hope it is all resolved pronto :). I am just trying to think what is your nearest big City. Vegas, Reno, LA?

  9. I think I see clouds in the window!

  10. Thanks all!!! I've got a backup camera...and a place to go see about what to do...down south!!! Fortunately I'll be heading south sooner than later!

  11. The windows here are actually the original plate glass from the early 1900's or late 1800' the ripples in the glass might be what are reflecting the cloud like forms...but then again...who knows for sure???!!!

  12. Don't you just hate it when that happen? I have a Sigma 18-200mm for my Nikon D90, and occasionally it jams, and of course it's always for 'the shot of the century.'

  13. Hope you can get it fixed.....I know the feeling or "where do I go to get it fixed" living here in the middle of nowhere.

  14. How sucky when things go so wrong. My camera is one thing that I can't do without. Hope it's all fixed soon. Love this photo, but I don't see any ghost :)

  15. Sorry to hear about the camera troubles. Good luck. That does look like a ghost in the window! Love the Dickens quote.

  16. We have like circumstances Linda!!! Except that I'm not wrangling cattle on a ranch!!!

  17. Thanks Bettyl! Hopefully, I'll take it somewhere soon!!!

    Thanks Susan!!!