Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Fall Colors to Winter Wonderland in One Day!!!

Yesterday we drove through the canyon of Rock Creek to view the fabulous Fall Colors!!! was a rainy, snowy, cozy day...

Our first snow of the Lake Mary...

The view from the stables...

I'm not sure I'm ready for winter...


  1. The trunk in the last shot looks like a piece of sculpture. Come to think of it, I guess it is.

    What beautiful, beautiful country.

  2. A little to quick for me, Steffe!!! Ready or not...winter's on it's way!!!

    Thanks Hiker!!! I thought it looked pretty cool is gorgeous country...This morning we woke up to snow on our deck, the ground around the house and on the trees...the girls are making a snowman on the deck and it just started snowing again!!! Now if it just weren't so dang cold and wet!!!

  3. The 1st shot of Lake Mary is outstanding - definitely pretty, definitely very chilly! Did you wanna go cross country together around the lake during Superbowl weekend? Did it last year - I was so surprised that I could being totally out of shape. But I plodded along and made it.

  4. An interesting thought!!! Just might be up for it!!! I'v never cross country'd before!!!

  5. My god, that's beautiful.

    I think that's the same comment I made on your last post.

    But my god, that's beautiful.

  6. Yep! Snow!!!

    It would be hard to take a bad picture up here, Petrea!!!

    The clouds are breaking up...the sun is starting to come out'll be interesting to see how high up the mountain the snow stays!!!