Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've decided to join ABC Wednesday...a little late, or a little early...

M is for Mammoth!!!

Mammoth Lakes Daily Photo is joining the ABC Wednesday blog. I'm about a week late for M...but what the heck...I had to include M is for Mammoth!!!  
I'll catch up!!!


  1. That's a mammoth post! (Sorry the link was closed...gotta try for this Wednesday "N" post.)

  2. Didn't know about ABC Wednesday. I though you were going to tell me to watch Modern Family.

  3. I had to post M is for Mammoth even though I missed the M week Tash!!! Then there was M is for Mono!!! I found the link...and figured it out!!! Watch for N...tomorrow!!!

    Hi Margaret!!! Tash has been posting in ABC Wednesday theme day for quite some time...I thought it sounded challenging...soooo, I'm jumping in!!! Haven't seen Modern Family yet...but did see Leslie Saeta's paintings "featured" in someone's office on Modern