Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's a Family Thing....

Growing up, I always knew that someone in our family had a cabin in Mammoth...but I was knee high to a grasshopper when we were up there and not much bigger when the property was didn't really think all that much about it until I moved up here and my cousin said..."remember when my family had a cabin up there?"...

Now...cabins in the early 50's were modest...this one was about 800 sq was the bigger of the two cabins that my Aunt and Uncle built  on a corner in Mammoth...of course, my dad helped with the building...

Soooo...when I moved to Mammoth...Cousin Larry and I exchanged a few emails trying to fix the location of their property...
The key landmark was that it was on the corner next to the original Catholic Church on the way to Red's Meadow and the Devil's Post Pile...

So here's the original Catholic Church...


Wouldn't you know it's on the corner of Minaret and Main Street, across Main Street from Whiskey Creek???  (And about a quarter mile from our house!!!)

In the mid 50's, my darling Aunt was stricken with severe health problems and the family sold the property...'s about 50+ years later and Cousin Larry comes to visit...the first time he's been back to Mammoth (and Cousin Barbara's first time!)

Of course, yesterday, we went there to check out the location...we figure the old cabin was located right about where Cousin Barbara and Miss Daisy are standing...the cabin that once was, no longer is, and what's left is a parking lot...

To add salt to the wounds, as we were leaving one of our favorite late night spots in the Village last night  ...the Hubman mentioned to Cousin Larry that he had heard from a reliable source that this corner is one of the most valuable available properties in Mammoth due to it's location, and ability to be developed...(little did the Hubman know that it was once in the family)

Oh!  Did you hear that???  That was Cousin Larry in the midst of the screaming meemies!!!


  1. Oh shoot. I love those early pictures, and kind of expected we'd find some sort of chalet affair these years later. But a parking lot?

    Amazing coicidence, though, to end up so close to where you (sort of) started.

  2. Oh this is great K. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. I"ve been out of pocket due to training for my new job. Hope to be back on it soon this week. Thanks for visiting so often and your great comments...Hubman too. Love you both.

  3. Thanks V!!! So what's the new job all about??? Hope you're having fun!!! Love to you as well!!!

  4. That was Cousin Larry's sentiments exactly, Hiker!!!

    I'll be posting more old pics in the not too distant future!!!

    The old pics were most likely taken by my Uncle Arvid!