Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun in the snow... I know this is supposed to be one photo a day...but heck...the granddaughters and Miss Daisy were just having too much fun!!!

Miss Daisy's bald spot on her side is from the lumpectomy she had done about a week ago...didn't stop her from enjoying the snow!!!


  1. I think this was a good move for Daisy.

    I haven't had a snowball fight in...mmmmty years.

  2. Pretty girls. Miss Daisy looks very regal. Sooooo much fun and joy in these photos.

  3. You live in a beautiful environment! Your granddaughters are beautiful and Miss Daily looks like she is enjoying life. So glad that you posted more than one photo!


  4. absolutely was a good move for Miss Daisy!!! She really enjoys going out and walking in all this new territory! Lot's of things to sniff, and that white stuff is kind of interesting!!! (a little cold, though!)

    Thanks Tash!!! The grandgirls definitely take after their mom!!! They've definitely been having fun in the snow!

    Thank you Genie!!! I'm rather proud of our grandgirls!!! Life is good up here...albeit a bit chilly!!!