Sunday, September 16, 2012

Deep Shadows...

"When there is much light, 
the shadow is deep."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. the oppisite of my post. :) But so true.

  2. Nice! It can be very dark in the woods...

  3. Lovely! So much shade and contrast it almost looks like a flash was used.

  4. Love the Egyptian chariot, lovely.

    Welcome to Sunday Stills. :)

  5. Beautiful, drew my eye on the blog feed.

  6. This reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner.

    Bold Shadow, come and see it. Your comment will be greatly appreciated!


  7. Those trees are so perfectly shaped and it does remind me of Christmas. I forget what exquisite forests you have in California... so glad that no fires have touched these.


  8. Chieftess, as usual, I'm catching up today. Your deer photo is wonderful. Three deer let me approach them last week but your shots are so much better I don't know that I'll post mine!
    And I'm worried about your lake. But I'm not worried about your dogs! They're great.

  9. I agree NatureFootstep!!!

    The contrast was hard to capture just right Pat...but the light on the trees in the foreground was so exquisite against the shadows of the trees...I had to try!!!

    Just the sunset Karen!!!

    Thanks Lori and Dibear...but the chariot is simply a blog meme badge!

    Thanks Bibi!!!

    Thanks Pix, Eva and Jean!!!

    Oh please Chubskulit...not until after Thanksgiving!!!

    We do have some awesome forests here Genie!!! This one's in Sequoia and a lot of the trees there are actual Sequoias...but we have a pretty awesome forest in our back yard here in Mammoth too!!!

    Thanks Dancing Donkey!!! ( I love your moniker! )

    Glad you're catching up Petrea! What's funny is that we live on the edge of forestry land...but the most deer I've seen here has been about 3 at a Glendale, I came across 9 deer on a back street by our house, and in Sequoia this time it was 7 deer!!! Go figure!!!