Friday, September 14, 2012

Well, I Suppose...

...since it's Friday, I should really be posting a shot like this one of 
a beautiful sky and some awesome clouds...

But...what I really want to post is "the rest of the story"
to yesterday's post of the lake going down the drain...

The lake may be down...but it didn't keep these two from having a good time!!!

Yep...that's Diego...remember him?  He's the little tyke that hid underneath
Kelly's belly on the 4th of July...
Yep...he's nearly as big as Kelly and only about 5 months old!!!

They get along pretty well...

Instead of finishing each other's sentences, they help each other carry
sticks into shore!!!

Diego may still be a youngster, but he knows when he's had enough...


  1. I love your cuties Goldies! Gorgeous day and a beautiful sky. Looks like fun! Happy Skywatching!

  2. They are so cute! Happy sky watching.


  3. So cute! Looks like they were having fun. And what a beautiful place!

  4. Great photos, from the sky to the wet doggies.

  5. Gotta love those Mammoth Lakes skies!! Very beautiful.

  6. They are so cute! Even when he's had enough be keeps an eye on her! :-)

  7. Thanks Dina!!!

    Thanks Bibi!!! As I was leaving the lake and trudging up the enormous shoreline we came upon several people to whom I announced..."They're friendly...and wet!!!" Fortunately, everyone we met up with had had Goldens in their past!!!

    Thanks Adele! And Kelly keeps an eye on Diego!!!

  8. Great shots! It;s so fun to watch dogs at play - especially in the water.

  9. I agree Spare Parts...the best part of being up here is that in between snow storms, we have bright blue dreary clouds...

  10. I agree Pat!!! And boy do these two play!!! Diego crawls all over Kelly biting and chewing on her...and lot's of tug of war!

  11. What fun shots! Those dogs are too cute.

  12. Thanks LadyFi!!! They'd love to include Oscar!!!

    Thanks Pat!!!!

  13. How sweet. I like watching dogs play together - such unbridled joy. My dog used to be terrified of water. Now she'll go in until her belly touches, but won't go further if it means her feet won't touch the ground.

  14. I love that Diego! There is nothing like a puppy!


  15. Kelly sees water Carolynn and she heads straight for it!!! She dives in stops at belly soon as I pick up a stick though, she's heading for deeper water!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

    We all love Diego Genie!!! Especially Kelly!!! He's quite a cutie...and oh so full of energy!!! We were all so glad to have him come stay with us...and equally glad when his mom and pop came to pick him up!!! Kelly slept for about 16 hours straight!!!