Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Aspen Grove...

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, 
for going out, I found, 
was really going in."
John Muir

A little side note...this quote was from John Muir's writings in 1913...
the same year that both my parents were born...

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  1. This is very beautiful, as is the quote.

  2. Nice shot and quote! That makes a great day...enjoy!

  3. Perfect quote. I am not sure that people today take time to ponder much less express such things.

  4. Great B&W photo.
    Birches are great in B&W!

  5. Love the photo and the quote. Interesting that it was in the same year as your parents' birth!

  6. I love the can almost imagine a paint horse standing in them.

  7. Thank you Bibi and ClickN!!!

    I know you're right Rambling Round...I live here in God's country and forget to ponder the beauty...

    Thanks HansHB!!! The trees are actually Aspen...part of a very large grove...

    Thanks Adele! I don't usually see a date associated with any of the quotes I when I saw it was 1913, I was struck by the mother passed away a few months before her 90th September of this year, she would have been 100!!! And my father in May!!! He passed away when he was 83...

    Thank you Linda!!! I like that paint horses!!!

    Thank you Dragonstar!!!

  8. This is quite a grove, and quite a photo. B&W is the perfect choice.

  9. Awesome click in B&W!

  10. I love these trees! The photo is awesome!

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