Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

Is it still winter???  Are we slipping into spring???
We're in the in-between!!!
We've only had a bit of snow here and there since the last big storm in December...
and the brown earth has started to surface, the snow melting in rivulets...
Yet, we're expecting a fairly big snow fall tonight and tomorrow...
Yep...We're in the in-between!!!

Still great snow on the mountain...
and 99% occupancy this past weekend...
and traffic congestion in the Von's aisles!!!
Life is good in God's country!!!

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  1. What a beautiful landscape photo!
    We have so much snow in northen Sweden. Still long time to spring...

  2. Lovely scenery. It's still very much winter over here.

  3. I get so excited when I see scenes like that. No mountains around Coventry (and no seaside either) so your photo is a lovely reminder of California's beautiful mountains.

  4. Great shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. We're actually a long way from spring too Birgitta and LadyFi! Our spring generally doesn't start until May or June...we have a whole lot of in-between!!!

    California does have it all LOL!!! We're blessed here!!!

    Thanks Gary!

  6. Getting on to spring, for sure. Here, too. I can smell it!

  7. It's been an interesting winter here Bibi!!! Sunny blue skies almost every day since December...with one or two small snow falls! Today's snow fall is gaining in volume and looks like it's going to be a good one. But yesterday, it looked like spring melt and has been in the 40's!!!

  8. Beautiful landscape. Spring weather here today with some real warmth and bright blue skies but the weather forecast has just predicted more snow! This is London not the Scottish highlands.

  9. Thanks Fun60!!! The long time locals have assured me that February and March are generally snowy months up here...Febrary's first half was pretty light on the snow and warm after a real cold spell in January. But we live in a ski resort and snow is good!!! (at least that's what everybody tells me!!!)

    Thanks Justine!!!

  10. Looks like winter's still here...the snow is coming down!!!

  11. Stunning!

  12. The between seasons -- and even some of the seasons themselves -- are things we miss here in Florida! (Not too much change from winter to spring really, at least not for those of us more used to real seasonal changes.) Thanks for sharing your between-season beauty!

  13. Very nice photo! I know some consider it boring, but I'm so glad we don't get snow here. Not RIGHT here anyway. I can see snow everyday in the mountains. If I want it, I can get there in about an hour.

  14. Having grown up in Southern California...I understand the no season concept...although there were more differences I think, than Florida!!! Thanks Sallie!!!

    I know what you mean Pat! Right now I'm missing the flowering trees and plants coming out for spring down in your neck of the woods!!!