Friday, February 1, 2013

CDP Theme Day....Umbrellas!!!

Lonely As Hell

"I am no man's burden
I can take care of myself
but it's lonely out in space
I've come to know the area well.
I salute shooting stars as they pass on by
a comet, a galaxy, but never a sigh,
lonely as hell out here, i say
lonely as hell
lonely as hell..."
Beyond Repair

Since we moved to Mammoth Lakes two and a half years ago...
(I can't believe we've been here that long!)
We've had little use for my beautiful bumbershoot, parapluie, er, ah...umbrella...
not much use for one in the snow!!!

So I searched and searched my archives...
and look what I found!!!

Bumbershoots galore at the Zydeco festival in Long Beach, California
many years ago!!!

Aren't they grand???

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  1. A wonderful collection; I'd like to use each and every one of them for different occasions, sun or rain!

  2. PS. I think I love the purple Mardi Gras one the best!

  3. the mardi gras umbrellas are perfect for super bowl weekend in the big easy!

  4. hihi, you certainly found some very interesting umbrellas. :)

  5. Don't you just love the purple one Kate???

    Perfect Tanya!!!

    Thanks NatureFootstep!!!

  6. Of course, there would be umbrellas at a Zydeco festival! You must have a really good memory or a really good archive system to dig these up from years ago.

  7. I love all these shots! They were certainly worth saving and all brought a smile to my face. Thanks.

    Your purple umbrella lady would be a ringer for my mother-in-law in her younger days. . .

  8. Ooh, they are indeed! I love that you had these to pull up, perfect punchy shots to brighten up winter, thank you.

  9. what a great collection...

    Happy Theme Day :)

  10. Those are gorgeous. The first one is my favorite.

  11. Beautiful umbrellas you posted here, especially love the 'still life' shot of the umbrella in the first photo.

  12. Oh, Chieftess! Grand, indeed. Very nice archival find!!

  13. I went searching for the last photo when I thought of the Zydeco festival SRQ...then I saw the purple one and the little girl with hers...and it grew from there!!!

    Thanks Kay! Maybe it's her! This fesitval was just about 10 years Long Beach, CA!!!

    I love brightening up winter!!! Thanks LondonLulu!!!

  14. Ohhh!! Thanks LOL!!!

    Thanks Jo!

    Bibi...The first one is one I got at the LA museum at an impressionist art show...don't remember which artist did the original painting that was used for the design though!!!

    Thanks Wilf!!!

    Thanks goodness for the archive!!! Thanks Adele!!!

  15. So beautiful and elegant umbrellas!!! Perfect interpretation of this theme day!

  16. Thank you Karl!!! At first I was worried about the theme...thank goodness for archived photos!!!

  17. Love that Lakers umbrella in the 2nd foto from the top!