Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm not Crazy...

"I'm a Blue Footed Boobie!!!"

"But don't forget my baby Boobie!!!"

Some of my favorite birds from the Galapagos...

Taking a short break...
Posting some of my more unique pics from my archives!!!

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  1. That's a jazzy bird. And no wonder Elvis wrote a song about 'Blue Suede Shoes'

  2. I salute you, Chieftess. I am doing a little catching up after taking only 3 day off. Feel like I am on a mission to catch up with other people's blogs. Just finished looking at your entries for the last few days. You are certainly organised!!!! Hope you are having a nice time!

  3. Ah ha!!! That must be where Elvis got his inspiration!!! Thanks Bibi!!!

  4. Thawing out in Palm Springs!!! Thanks LOL!!!

  5. Oh, wow! That's definitely one bird I've never photographed! Nice job! Love the legs and feet!

  6. Post those archive rshots all you want..these are wonderful and I'm new here!

  7. Cracking bird - and I'm not in the slightest jealous that you have been to the Galapagos!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. That's one cute little 'boobie' Chieftess, I really enjoyed seeing him, so unusual.

  9. Isn't he a cutie Brian?!!!

    Thanks Sallie!!! glad you've joined me on my journeys!!!

    Thanks Stewart!!! The Galapagos should definitely be on your "bucket" list!!!

    Thanks PerthDP! I'll be back on track this weekend!!

  10. It may not be crazy, but it sure looks like it! Fantastic photos! Especially the first one...

  11. Thanks Kerri!!! He looks like he stepped in a dish of blue paint doesn't he?!!!

    In person, he looked even more "crazy"!!! Thanks Pat!!!