Saturday, March 23, 2013

Guess Who Came to Dinner?!!!

The Mammoth Lakes Original Book Club
welcomes Petrea of Camelot & Vine!!!

Carolyn, Edyth, Jodi, Peggy, Joanne, Pat, Petrea, Debby
(Oh!  And I can't forget Kelly!!!)

I'm sure many of you know Petrea Burchard from Pasadena Daily Photo...
Did you know she's a published author??? was my turn to host the book club this month and choose the book...
And it just so happens that Petrea's book came out just in time!!!
(Well...if truth be told...I did trade dates a couple of times to get the timing just right!!!)

Petrea agreed to come up and join our book club evening...
answering questions and just plain having fun!!!
(Ohh...did I mention there was wine involved???)

If you want a fun read...
check it out!!!

Just click on the book cover!!!

(and did I mention...Kate Wong...did the fabulous cover design!!!)


  1. What! No Sydney Poitier?? Congrats to Petrea on the publishing of her book, bet you had a fantastic evening.

  2. So many smiling women together is a good sign.
    So glad you got together. I've been following the creation of Petrea's book all along.

  3. How totally neat!!!! Just love the photo you have here and the ones Petrea shared over at Pasadena Daily Photo. Super!!!!

  4. It was fabulous fun. And Perth, dear Sidney would have made the evening even more brilliant.

    Thank you Chieftess, and Mammoth Lakes women!

  5. Well, how fun is that? PB mentioned "travel" and "book club." Little did we know... :-)

  6. We did Perth DP!!! And Petrea's book is really fun!!!!

    It's a really fun book Dina!!! Thanks for visiting!!

    Thanks LOL!!!

    We thank YOU Petrea!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

    It was a lot of fun Adele!!!

  7. How cool. And she got to meet Kelly, too.

  8. Lucky for you to have the perfect book for your club to read, and then to arrange an appearance by the author herself. Not many book clubs can achieve that!

    It's a really good read. I'm giving it as a gift to all my friends that have birthdays. All my relatives are getting a copy also. I'm taking so many copies to England, Heathrow customs will think I'm smuggling.

  9. Kelly was sorry that Boz couldn't come Margaret...but then...she got to be the center of attention at the party!!! (She didn't know that they were really there to meet Petrea!!!)

    I know what you mean Bellis!!! I want everyone to read it and enjoy it too!!!

  10. Congratulations!
    Yes, I work in a bookshop, and I did read about it on

    Enjoy reading, as well as being creative.

    Nice photo!