Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hot Tails...

"The man that sets out to carry a cat by it's tail learns something that will always
be useful and which will never grow dim or doubtful."
Mark Twain

In order to protect Kelly from the lure of leftover kitty food...
TheChief found this handy little "cat house!!!

(I tried to find the site we ordered this from, but couldn't find it...
if you google dog proof cat feeders, you'll find a variety, but not this one)

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  1. So funny! Your picture made me smile, and it isn't a day for smiling here ...

  2. That's brilliantly creative and hilarious.

  3. This is very cute! I know how that cat food/dog thing goes! I miss having a dog, after being a dog owner for a 43 year period; it's hard. Maybe this year...

  4. This is a cute picture. You've got a creative eye and mind.

  5. Glad I was able to make you smile Katrin!!!

    Thanks LadyFi!!!

    We lost our former Golden almost two years ago and my husband was thinking we'd go with out...took about two months to convince him we needed another dog!!! Kelly's been a wonderful addition to the furry family!!!

    Thanks George!!! I saw their tails poking out and instantly thought "CAMERA"!!!

  6. That is a great idea! This is one darn cute photo!

  7. It really works Pat! Our Kelly was a major kitty food thief until my hubby found this online! As our dog trainer said..."Kelly is strongly motivated by food!"

    Glad to bring a bit of laughter to your day TexWisGirl!!!

  8. Unique image!

    LOVE IT!

    Can you see my SMILE, all the way from Norway? !:)

  9. I see your smile Gunn!!! Thanks!!!