Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ice Caves...

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience
is a form of exploration."
Ansel Adams

When we got back from our vacation in November...
we'd had a fair amount of snow...
wet snow...
which hung onto the roof and caused numerous leaks inside...
we had to have the snow and ice removed from the roof as it wasn't sloughing off...
it all landed right in front of the stairs to the back yard...
the chunks stuck together and formed these cool caves...
that have just gotten even cooler with the snow melt!!!

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  1. Nature as artist! A cold, but great photo...

  2. Great photo !

    I was not so far away from the Mammut lake for 2 weeks ago, but I think it was to much snow to go there, maybee next time..

  3. So beautiful but probably not that practical if they block the stairs.

  4. It must be quite fun observing the changing scenes caused by the snow.

  5. Nice, i hope to see ice/snow before i leave this plane of existence!

  6. maybe we can stop my figures in your cave. :)

  7. Nice shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Wow! How interesting. Super shot!

  9. That must have been some weight to have on the roof before you had it brought down.

  10. Before I read your description I saw something deep and dangerous in this photo. My reaction was visceral. I really love this shot, and could stare into it for a long time.

  11. Thanks Pat! It's getting warmer every day!!! The ice caves will be melting soon!!!

    Thanks Min Fotogen!!! Maybe next time you're visiting in this area you can stop by!!!

    It really doesn't matter that the stairs are blocked Arija...there's about 4 feet of snow on the patio down the stairs anyway!!!

    It is quite interesting Karen!

    I hope so too Andrea!!!

    Haha!!! We're on the same page NatureFootstep!!!

    Thanks Gary, LOL and Islandwonder!

    There was Fun60! It practically rained inside!!!

    Interesting Petrea...I think we need to discuss this over a glass of wine!!!

  12. Thanks Brian!!!

    You got it Petrea!!!

  13. OK I feel better, I looked inside and thought it some huge cave in the mountains and got dizzy.