Friday, March 22, 2013

Mono Lake....According to Mark Twain...

"There are only two seasons in the region about Mono Lake-
and these are, 
the breaking up of one winter and the beginning of the next.
Mark Twain

We're in the breaking up of winter!!!  

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  1. Hurray! Lovely blue sky too.

  2. I wouldn't normally say such a thing, but... enjoy the breakup! :-) Beautiful shot of a beautiful place.

  3. Your winter seems to be lingering a bit longer than ours LadyFi!!! Of course...we've been known to have snow on Memorial Day Weekend (the last weekend in May!)

    You would love it NatureFootstep!!! It's a fascinating place...the oldest lake in North America!!!

    I will!!! Thank you Laloofah!!!

    Thanks Maria Sy!!!

  4. Very impressive, Chieftess! Don't you just love Mark Twain quotes :).

  5. thanks LOL!!! I do love Mark Twain...and was surprised that he visited Mono Lake and wrote about it in his book "Roughing It"!

  6. Pretty scene with the lake and beautiful mountains! Happy Skywatching!

  7. Hiker...the quote was taken from a paragraph in one of the chapters in Roughing goes on to say that on a summer day it can be 90 degrees in the morning, and snowing at night...which is true...I've been back packing up here when it was warm during the day and snowed has been known to snow at least once each month of the year!!

    I love summer up here Margaret!!! The locals often say "I came for the winters, but stayed for the summers!"

  8. Twain definitely had a way with words.

  9. Now that's a relief, I think you were beginning to doubt it :) hope it lasts for a good while!

  10. I'd never heard that expression before, but I imagine the end of winter is very dramatic in these dramatic landscapes.

  11. That is gorgeous country! I'm rather envious of that view! Beautiful photo!

  12. The best thing about that kind of weather, is that it doesn't happen here. I can get to it in about an hour and a half and that is just the way I like it.

  13. I was beginning to doubt it PerthDp!!! With good reason! Two years ago it snowed on Memorial Day...that's May 31!!! And skiing was going strong on July 4th!!! I really prefer my winters a bit shorter than that!!!

    Actually's a slow snow melt!!!

    Thanks Brian!!!

    I know what you mean Pat!!!