Friday, July 19, 2013

Angels Breath...

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious.
And why shouldn't it be?
- it is the same the angels breathe."
Mark Twain
"Roughing It"

Mark Twain's book Roughing It is a semi-auto-biographical recounting of his travels 
through the west in 1861-1867...including Hawaii.
But did you know...he makes reference to his visit to Mono Lake?
Chapters 38 and 39 are about his visit to this incredible and unusual lake...

Have you read this book of Twain's???
I have to admit I haven't...
(my librarian grandma would've been just would have gotten me a copy!)
Sooo....I'm thinking I need to get myself a copy!!!

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  1. That is an incredible vie of Mono Lake. Very interesting formations.

  2. Lovely sky-post!
    Great colours!

  3. I think I read it in my youth.
    And if I'm not wrong, a copy dwells among other books in the book room.
    Wonderful pictures.
    Best whises for a nice day.

  4. Stunning shots, Chieftess. I don't know of the book but it sounds interesting. It's on the list :).

  5. Oh, Kathryn!! What a stunning image!!! =D

    Mark Twain! My mom, sister and I went to see his home in CT and I realized that I couldn't remember a single thing I'd read of his. (The novels that I HAD read had been in High School, a loooong time ago.) So, I bought a pile of his books and determined to read his first novel - "The Innocents Abroad". I thought that it would be dry and tough reading but.... Mark Twain is just adorable!!!! =D


  6. Thanks for that reading tip, I may need to get a copy.

    I just love that first shot, I can't get enough of that spectacular light.

  7. Thanks Joyful!!! It is a spectacular lake...the only one of it's kind in North America!!! And the oldest lake in North America!!!

    Thanks HansHB!!!

    I have a few book shelves like your book room Annemor!!!

    Thanks LOL!!! It's on my list too!!!

    Thanks Jackie/Jake!!!

    Thank you Katy Noelle!!! "Innocents Abroad" was written after "Roughing It" which I believe was a sort of starting point for "Innocents Abroad"!

    I think I have to get a copy too Wayne!!! The light in that top shot was enhanced a bit by a nearby wild fire...added quite a bit of the color!!!

  8. fantastisk flott bilde det første.

    1. Talk Dirk! His du gar til California er Mono Lake et must! Spesielt ved solnedgang!

  9. What a beautiful photo. I'll have to add that book to my Nook.

  10. I love both of these photos... really excellent@!!

  11. The first shot is very other-wordly.
    Is that yellow bush in the foreground the same yellow bush I've just posted??

    1. Is the bush in your photo Scotch Broom??? If so, I don't think they're the same...the plants in my photo are more of a scrub brush...Going to Mono Lake is like going to another planet!!!

  12. Breathtaking light in the sky and mirrored in the water! And love the interesting cloud shape in the second photo!

  13. May I just say wow! Your first photo is breathtaking.

  14. Roughing It puts you there with Mark Twain -- on the overland stage, in Virginia City, the California gold rush country, San Francisco. What a story-teller.

    Great, great images.

  15. I have read that book! It's been so long though, that I don't remember the reference. I think I'm going to read it again.
    Your photo is BEAUTIFUL and the lighting is amazing!

  16. thats a beauty. I've never seen a sunset picture of Mono lake