Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reflections of the Heart...

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-
they must be felt with the heart."
Helen Keller

Helen Keller saw more with her heart in one moment
than most people see with their vision in a lifetime...

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  1. This goes to show that the " dont shot into the sun" rule can be bent a bit now and then! Nice shot.

    Thanks for the comment on my wordy blog.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Beautiful image and one of my favorite quotes!

  3. The light is perfect on this picture... Well done !

  4. Is that the early morning sun coming up or the end of day going down, either way it's an image with atmosphere, nice one Chieftess..

  5. Thanks Stewart!!! I've found that that's one of the rules I enjoy breaking!!!

    Thanks Kerri and 'Tsuki!!!

    Truth be told's underexposed late afternoon sun (I don't do mornings well)!!! The other photos from this day are much lighter!!!

  6. A perfect spot to spend a summer day (or several). This is beautiful!

  7. Purdy. Very Purdy. There's something about mountains and lakes that are just perfect together.

  8. Thanks James!!!

    Thanks Shirley!!!

    Throw in some reflections and you've got yourself a winner!!! Thanks Wayne!!!

  9. I love that quote. I am such a fan of Helen Keller quotes and stories. What an admirable person she was.

  10. She is who we should all aspire to be Margaret!!!

  11. VERY nice Kathryn!
    Yep, it just goes to show you that some rules BEG to be broken!
    Great quote also...