Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

...has been besieged by smoke...

 Have you heard about the Shaver Lake fire???
About 30 miles due West of Bishop, there's a raging forest fire...
so far, about 11,000 acres with only about 20% containment.  
Due to the same dynamics that make us a great ski area because of 
snow/storm patterns...
we also get the smoke...

This is what we're breathing these days...

 This is what we're used to breathing...

I drove up to June Lake and Mono Lake to see if there was less smoke... least it was moderately breathable...

This is what I was driving home to...

I'm seriously thinking about heading back to LA for awhile 
so I can breathe...

pretty scary thought, eh???

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  1. Scary,,,that's a right word for it! Dramatic pictures!!! Take care!

  2. I had only been in Australia a few months when there was big fire in the hills closet to Melbourne - it was then and there that I knew I could not live in the bush!

    I see what you mean (I think) about the salamander in my picture.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Bummer. It must be bad if you're thinking LA would be a step up in air quality. That wide angle shot tell the story.

  4. And the worst thing is the smoke hangs there for days in summer when there aren't too many strong breezes around. I feel for you Chieftess, Living in Oz I know how it is.

  5. flott landskap,fine bilder særlig de to siste.

  6. So sad to hear about the fire. Hopefully you will have some rain to clear the air. *cross my fingers*
    Beautiful and kind of sad pictures :)

  7. To go back to LA to breath...that is pretty scary! I hope that it will get better soon!
    Your last shot is very dramatic.

  8. Frightening, for sure. They are wonderful photos but I am hoping that those skies will be clear soon, like your clear air shot.

  9. There was some wind last night so today is much better...still smokey...but you can actually see a blue sky base!!! The good/bad news is that they expect it to be fully contained by August 10! The other good/bad news is that we do get a fair amount of wind...which can either blow it out or bring the smoke in!!! Thanks all, for visiting and commenting!!!

  10. Wow! That's quite a difference! I hope the fire itself doesn't get close!

  11. Oh, dear, I hope the situation gets corrected soon. Sometimes, we don't truly appreciate things until they are gone--I hope your clean air returns very soon!

  12. The fire's about 30 miles west of here Brian...thankfully, not much chance of it reaching us!!!

    LOL << Louis >>!!! That's perfect!!! My eyes have been itching all day!!!

    Me too Betty!!!

  13. I understand that you are scary, but the last capture is so dramatic and beautiful!
    Hope the air is cleaner now!

  14. Having lived through all of that in San Diego...I feel your pain. It not only is hard to breathe, but scenery you love is being tainted and/or demolished. You are welcome to come here to breathe a little easier (and drink wine)!

  15. Not yet Randi!!! It comes and goes...the mornings have been more clear...the afternoons intolerable...

    Sounds like a fabulous invitation Kathryn!!! Fortunately, the fire's about 30 miles away so it's only affecting our breathable air!!! As for heading to the coast...I would take you up but we've got lot's going this weekend!!! Rain check? Or should I say smoke check???

  16. I had heard about it. We almost lost the town of Idyllwild if it hadn't been for that freaky storm that dropped rain on the mountain. West of Bishop. Not really sure I know where that is. Map time I guess

  17. From Fresno you head up into the Western Sierras through Oakhurst...there's Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake in the area....Glad the Idyllwild fire got doused! Thanks for visiting PA!