Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Critters Galore!!!!

We also visited an actual Alpaca farm while visiting in Oregon...

They're quite photogenic don't you think???

They went nuts for carrots!!!

This guy couldn't stop smiling...
I think he was extra proud of his rather curly locks...

Apparently, this guy is special...the coloration of his coat 
and the softness...
and of course...he stayed away from the general crowd...
I think he knew he is special!!!

This guy looks a lot like my sister's Daisy...

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  1. What sweet little faces. You got some terrific shots.

  2. They really are sweet and funny animals!!! Thanks LOL!!!

  3. Such cute animals. Love the expressions on their faces!

  4. They are such sweeties! Beautiful shots.

  5. Those are some cute faces! And very furry!

    1. You should see them when they have their full coats...these were sheared sometime in the Spring or early Summer!!!

  6. These cuties are living at Aragon Alpacas, Eugene, Oregon. "Bubinga" is the "'special" alpaca. My friends Ann and Mike, and their alpacas, love to have visitors! Plus, I'll put in a plug for A Spinner's Barn, Farm Store & Gallery, that Ann has recently opened (

  7. Oh, Kathy, these are great photos of our boys! Garamond the Gray (pix 1 & 2) and Bubinga are half brothers, and their fleeces are a dream to spin. Kokopelli (3rd photo) is a suri alpaca, and Capt Sundancer (named for our former sailboat) is the last one.

    Sorry I missed your visit, hope to see you all next time. Merry Christmas!